What do we do in Okinawa?

Multiplying Churches, Developing Leaders

In a nutshell, we are here to help churches reproduce themselves.  This involves helping churches articulate their vision to start a new church and then develop and support the leaders who are sent out.  We work with a network of 6 churches.  Each is working to start its own daughter church.

Principles, not set methods

We want to help Christian communities to understand the principles of church planting.  How each church implements those basic principles depends on the context, needs and gifts involved.

What we do

Build relationships, pray with, coach/mentor, support & assist, teach, come alongside, be an extra set of hands, love, serve, cheerlead.

So, we may teach an English classes, help with an outreach to junior/high school students, go out and play with kids in the park, prayer walk, brainstorm ideas, preach/teach/lead discussions, hang out, help out with an event, meet for coffee and prayer, teach a cooking/craft class, be a sounding-board, etc.

One of the most exciting things we do is this:


 We meet with the church plant leaders to share, dream, pray for, brainstorm with and support each other.  It is amazing to watch this group of leaders be transparent with, love and be loved by the group.  Church planting is not easy, but this kind of networking definitely brings more support, ideas, and accountability.  We all get refocused and reinvigorated. 

Hey, I like that!  Church Planting Networks: getting refocused and reinvigorated to love people and see them tranformed by Jesus.


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