Who You Are

I recently attended a house church conference here in Japan.  There are several things that have really stuck with me from it.  One of them is a quote.

The church is not where you go, it is who you are.

It sounds so simple.  And it is something that I really believe! 

But, over the past month I have listened to myself (in both English and Japanese) use the word church / 教会.  How often do I use that word in conjunction with the word go?  Far too much!  Even though I believe that the church is the community of people who love Jesus, my language ends up conveying something different.  The unbiased listener eavedropping on my daily conversations would end up assuming that church means a) a specific place (i.e. a building), or b) an event that happens on Sunday morning.

I am trying to be more intentional about how I talk about church.  I want what I say (and do) to really reinforce what I believe: the church is not where you go, but who you are.


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